Drinks Food Live Music Shows Brunches Liverpool Tribute Acts Sunday Roasts Happy Hour Offers Bottomless Drinks Private Hire
Drinks Food Live Music Shows Brunches Liverpool Tribute Acts Sunday Roasts Happy Hour Offers Bottomless Drinks Private Hire

Welcome to Blundell Street Liverpool

Blundell Street Liverpool is a supper club located just a stone’s throw from the Echo Arena & Albert Dock. With its excellent reputation in entertainment, Blundell Street is the perfect place to go to for celebrations or a simple day/night out. Whether you’re looking for a calm daytime event or a wild night out (or something in between), we will have something on that will float your boat!

Drinks Food Live Music Shows Brunches Liverpool Tribute Acts Sunday Roasts Happy Hour Offers Bottomless Drinks Private Hire
Drinks Food Live Music Shows Brunches Liverpool Tribute Acts Sunday Roasts Happy Hour Offers Bottomless Drinks Private Hire

Our weekly events

there’s no excuse not to find your date, just check out our weekly slider below WITH EVENTS EVERY THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!

calendar of events

see our entire year – we’re ready for you xo

reasons to love us

🏁 Ru Paul’s Drag Race guest Hosts
🍹Best Value Drinks & Cocktails
👰🏼 Stag/Hen Dos are welcome
⭐ Private Hire available
🍻 Bottomless Drinks
📍 Central Location
🎙️ Lounge Singers
🍗 Sunday Roasts
🪩 Tribute Nights
🎭 Dinner Shows 
🫦 Drag Shows

Private hire & special events

So many choices – we cater for all

The venue is also available for private hire, such as; Weddings, Staff Night Outs, Birthdays, Business Meetings & others! With its stylish interior & central location, we are the perfect setting for any special occasion.



You can pay either cash or card OR pre-book one of our drinks packages for much bigger discounts. For drinks packages click here

Yes, as long as one person emails us with all the groups names, we can sit you all together. Please don’t ALL message us as it confuses our team.

Before you book, consider having 1 person as the head of the group who collects the money then all book the tickets under one name.

Its much easier for you and our queens!

Yes you can. Purchase the extra ticket the same way you purchased the original batch using the same email, this is how the Event team will know you are all on then same table. There is no need to message us about this, if you follow this procedure it will work smoothly.

Yes. As long as they hold a valid Carers ID card, your carer does not pay.  We permit up to 2 carers on a General Admission / Entry Only ticket and they will be able to stay with you no matter what type of ticket you purchase. Drinks and food are not included and chargeable at the venue. 

If you are on the VIP Package, you will get Wine (Red or White) ; Prosecco ; Beer & House Cocktails.

From the moment you order your first drink with us.

The Queens only rent the room, we dont have keys or access to the venue/lost property etc but you can send a message to the GM at the venue on 07305287475, who will check lost property and reply ASAP.

We do a Special called “PARTY STARTER PACK!” for hens and birthdays ETC, it is less than half price if you buy upfront;

Bottle of Champagne 
Bottle of Pink Prosecco
24 Shots 
70cl Bottle of Any Spirit (inc. 30 drinks single measures)
Unlimited Mixer (lemonade, coke, tonic etc)

AND it comes with Ice, Lemon &  Lime, A box of Chocolates, Party Poppers etc all for only £199 all served by a Drag Queen 
(To buy this Individually it would be £444) 90% of customers take this, it is the perfect start to the celebration.

The package can only be taken within 1 week of the time of the booking, it can’t be added later sadly. 

Linda x

The main difference (the physical extras) that are on the ticket are…

– Best available seats in the room
– Shots for everybody
– Meet & Greet with the Drag Queens
– ShoutOuts & Fuss made for the Party Person
– Table Decorations & Balloons
– Surprise FunnyBoyz Party Bag filled with sweets & mystery merch

However, on the standard bottomless brunch, you get just that – the booze and food, you don’t get any of the above.. BUT, the biggest difference is the overall atmosphere. 

The brunch option is great if you’re a couple out for a cosy brunch, but we have been told by groups having big celebrations (ie. Hen Parties, Birthdays, Weddings etc – that they felt “ very left out “) . That is not on purpose, it’s only because in our line of business, some people just want to be in the thick of the party.. on stage, going wild with the queens – and others want to just chill at the back and eat their dinner in peace (without the fear of drag queens dragging them on stage haha)

If you are a big group, for the sake of £10 more, the Party Package is an absolutely essential value – especially for a hen party which is usually once in a lifetime.. you might as well make it the best day ever!

Our Saturday Brunches have two time slots – 12.00pm to 2.30pm and 3pm to 5.30pm 

Our Evening Shows ( Friday & Saturday ) start at 7.00pm.

Doors open to all the above events 30 mins before & food can be ordered when you arrive, although, if you are a large group, we will always recommend pre-ordering via restaurant@funnyboyz.co.uk as you will have to wait a long time to be served otherwise

Shows normally start with 20 – 30 minutes after everybody has arrived.

Arrive 30 minutes before the event start to avoid the queue as it can be long. Also if you are eating with us, ALWAYS arrive 30 minutes before.

E.g Show start 7pm – Arrive at 6:30

Click the WhatsApp icon in the left hand corner ( +44 7971 239421 ) for instant messaging or email us at supperclub@funnyboyz.co.uk

Events are available to book via the What’s On page. Simply click the Book Now option next to your chosen date and select your ticket and or package options!


6pm – 2am
11.30am – 2am (Sunday Morning)
12pm – 10pm

63-65 Blundell St, Liverpool L1 0AJ (Click here for Google Maps)

No but there is lots of free parking close by and many multi storey secure car parks within walking distance. Google car Parking in Liverpool to make your decision on which parking provider to use.

We welcome lots of guests in wheelchairs!

You are more than welcome to dress up. All our events are themed on Camp Divas such as Abba, Spice Girls, Madonna, Gaga, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift etc. The entire event is themed on stereotypical icons of the Gay community & around female empowerment, specifically successful female artists from across the decades. Most of our queens dress in this style and we encourage our customers to do the same.

No, come as you like, preferably in fancy dress or as a Drag queen! casual or smart, Trainers, Jeans, anything is fine

Come 30 minutes before the event start to avoid the Queue as it can be long. Also if you are easting with us ALWAYS arrive 30 minutes before, so if the event is 7pm then arrive for 6.30

Are you a group of 10 or more? Book a bar crawl or hen party with FunnyBoyz for ANY Liverpool date in 2022, 2023, and beyond! 
Click here to find your Liverpool event and select the hen party package option!

We can provide a tailor-made package that aligns with your dream date.

Are you a group of 30 or more? Contact us to book your party!


➡️ Bottomless Food and Drinks for 90 mins 
➡️ Best Seats available
➡️ Guaranteed Seats together
➡️ Shots for everybody
➡️ Photo Shoot with the Queens
➡️ Meet & Greets with the Queens
➡️ Shout Outs and Fuss made for the Party Girl
➡️ Table Decorations and Balloons
➡️ Funnyboyz Party Bag filled with Merch for the Hen/Birthday Girl

Hen parties only happen once (hopefully lol), so its best to make it extra special & be sure they have the best night of your life!

If you have purchased a voucher please fill out the following form which must include; the type of voucher you are using, voucher number, your name, phone number email, number of people on the voucher and your preferred date.

Also please give us a back up date should your first choice be unavailable:

Discounts are a tricky one because we are a ‘non-profit’ community project, all our profits go back into LGBT Charities & foundations such as Cancer is a Drag as well as our sponsorship of Liverpool Pride and so on, so the more we discount, the less goes back into our projects.
To maximise our donations our Queens are already performing for a substantial discount & the more we cut their money, the less energy they are going to have at the event.

Trust me (I am the Drag Queen haha) the last thing the group wants is a debunked party for the sake of a few quid. Hen-Parties, 21st Birthdays, Golden Wedding Anniversaries etc, only come once in lifetime, haggling a few pound of the price is honestly not worth the risk to ‘a lifetime of memories’.
So, whilst we don’t do discounts as such we can go out of our way to make it extra special for group, simply feed us with some background info and we can let the queens loose haha, anything we can do to make it absolutely amazing, we are down for it.

If there is any doubt tale a look at our 5 Star Reviews on trip Advisor, where we just won the UK’s most prestigious award. Customers Choice & Certificate of Excellence 2023. Only 1% of all business in the UK get this and we are one of them.

Antonina – Resident Drag Queen 


Hello ladies (and the ONE man a year who dares to visit!) 

My name is Linda Gold & I am the Head Drag Queen at FunnyBoyz. When you meet me, you will realise that the rumours are true… I am a ” filthy wh*re that wears cheap make-up and a bad wig ”…


…I have a heart of Gold, hence my name – Linda Gold. I wear my heart on my sleeve, which is why I have written this open and honest welcome, from me to you, about my creation – FunnyBoyz.

I launched FunnyBoyz because many years ago, I had a stag party (yes, STAG party, I know!!) – it is hard to believe that this beautiful, voluptuous woman was a man, but… it’s true – I did indeed have a stag party. That stag party was one of the best weekends of my life, except, for one tiny part that ruined it (to this day, 20 years later) is all the group ever talks about – never the fun parts – just always that 1 tiny bad part.

The same thing happened on my 40th birthday a few years ago. My friends & I had a great weekend in Amsterdam, but one stupid little thing happened that put a ‘black mark’ on it & once AGAIN, it’s all people remember.

Over the Covid lockdown, I had time to contemplate life and decided celebrations should be “treasured for a lifetime”. This is when I decided to launch a business that not only creates the perfect celebration but also gives a vast amount of its profits back to the LGBTQ+ community. A community that suffered greatly during that period… such as Pride Groups, LGBT Charities and many more. After 2 years of planning, FunnyBoyz was finally born.  

Since our launch in April 2021, 99% of our customers say they ” have had the best celebration ” and return over and over again, leaving us 5-star reviews and making us the NUMBER 1 show in Liverpool. Whether it be a Birthday, Hen Party, Xmas Night-Out or any celebration in general, our customers love us – but for the 1% who don’t, they HATE us haha! Why? Let me tell you why… and address some of those issues, so you can make an informative decision as to whether we are right for you (and whether YOU are right for us.)

After reading, if you feel we are not your ‘ cup of tea ‘, at least I can say….

“ You have been warned!! ” haha

Let’s do this…


Linda Gold – Owner, Founder and Matriarch of FunnyBoyz.

( In order of how often I’m asked the question )

1. What is the food like? (At least 50,000 times a week asked!)


I like the food because I love a simple dinner. Don’t come if you’re looking for 5-star a-la-carte dining. We serve food for one reason only – to keep your belly full during what can feel like 6 hours of NON-STOP award-winning entertainment. 

At some events, the customers can be with us for 7 maybe 8 hours! So yes, we serve food to ensure hungry people can eat and those who have had ‘ one too many sherries ‘ ( cough cough ) can sober up. We are not a French Cuisine 5-star restaurant we don’t claim to be ‘The Ivy’ or ‘Buckingham Palace’, it is simply pub grub. PLEASE don’t sit through an award-winning production funded to raise money for the LGBTQ community and then send me a 10-page email about Garlic Bread on a Monday when my feet are throbbing, my voice-box has collapsed and I have to start my weekday job LOL.

This happens at least once a week and the last time it happened, I may (or may not) have taken that garlic bread and shoved it through the ladies’ letterbox with a big kiss on it <3 (my lips are sealed).

If you want proper grub there are some amazing 5-star Restaurants in the area… that’s not us – I can just about boil an egg. If you want a nice simple meal to wash down your drinks whilst watching Liverpool’s Number 1 DragShow, then you are most welcome.



2. What are the drinks like?


Our drinks are much like many bars in the city – we are not a ‘fancy pants’ type of place. You won’t get a Cocktail with some sparkles or smoke coming off it and don’t ask for champagne – we’re not Downton Abbey, darling. What you will get is a top-notch pint for under a fiver. Our spirits cater for all price ranges – we even do cheap ‘bin ends’ from Aldi if you’re on a budget. For the connoisseurs, we also sell all the known brands.. such as Smirnoff, Gordons etc. We even do Premium Spirits if you want to be posh spice for the night!

People message me every day asking how much a gin is or how much a pint is. Let me simplify this ladies…. we all have day jobs and we do drag to make you laugh at the weekends. Whilst you emailing us asking how much it is for a splash of tonic, the queen holding the phone that day could be resuscitating a heart attack victim. ( yes, we do all have proper jobs – many of us in the NHS ) – The short version is… our drinks cater for all budgets, just like our ticket prices.. so whilst we adore entertaining you, we do not love 50 emails a day asking trivial questions. Almost every question can be answered on our ‘ frequently asked questions ’ tab here… 


On the above link, you will also find what our drink packages are ( to save you a bit of money! ), and you can download our drinks menu here…

3. Do you offer refunds?


I hate this question but here it goes… I would love to give refunds, but let’s be honest – it goes against the point of reserving a ticket. ALL the money we take from ticket sales goes towards creating and producing the show. We pay the venue, the chef, the sound techs, the DJ, the queens, the dancers, and the security, buy the props and buy the booze (for the brunches), and order the food….this list goes on and on and on…

So, here is the problem – if you need a refund for whatever reason, maybe the bride ran off with the bridesmaid after realising she was a lesbian and the wedding is cancelled (yes this did happen) OR your garlic bread was burnt etc, the short answer is “no” and that’s not because I am a c*nt, it’s because we no longer have the money. After EVERYBODY is paid, what is left goes to fund our communities, our fundraising projects, pride events and charities.

If you think you might need to cancel or need a refund then ALWAYS take out cancellations insurance. You can get that from ANY insurance provider or Ticket Sellers for peace of mind. SKIDDLE is about a quid per person. What we can do is MOVE your tickets to ANY date or event in the future at the same price, so if the bride does run off with the bridesmaid, you can use the tickets for next year….at the lesbian wedding 

4. Do you allow Children or Animals?


I don’t believe our shows are for children – they contain sexual references and the props include ‘adult pleasure toys’ for comedic reference, BUT, I strongly believe this is the parents’ decision. Nobody should tell a parent how to bring up their children other than the parent. On this note, you are welcome to bring kids to the 12 o clock show and that’s where a small well-behaved dog will also be allowed. (I am referring to animals now, not the Drag Queens)

5. Is FunnyBoyz just for Gay People?


EVERY well-behaved person is welcome. FunnyBoyz is not classed as a GAY VENUE – we class ourselves as a safe space for women, the LGBTQ+ community and indeed well-behaved men who support and respect the space of other people. In short… if they dare grab anybody’s arse, or boobs or use any derogatory language, they will be gone faster than Phillip Schofield’s career.

6. Can we interact with the queens?


100% YES – this is what makes us stand out from other shows. You are not staring at a stage for hours on end like when you go to the theatre or 99% of the other ( boring ) drags shows. At FunnyBoyz, it’s all about you – not us – we are an interactive experience.. the queens will come around the tables, chat and take pics BUT, we do have one golden rule…

NEVER TOUCH THE QUEENS. It is not acceptable at FB to invade anybody’s personal space. We won’t grab your breasts…so don’t grab ours!!…. Some are real some are not, and whose are…. is nobody’s business.

7. Are the queens men or women?


Does it Matter? We employ men, women, trans, bisexual, gender fluid, non-binary, gender neutral and so on. We will never ask you what you have in between your legs, so, do not ask us. 

Thank you and goodnight – LECTURE OVER ( unless I am asked any more questions 50 times a day whilst wiping up poop and changing bed linen….DON’T ASK! )

I hope this has been informative, but before I go… I will make you a promise…

If you come to my show…I will work my ass off to make sure you all have the best time of your lives, however, I am not perfect.. so, if FunnyBoyz does not sound like your “ cup of tea “, Wetherspoons is just around the corner – it’s cheap, and you will never have a drag queen wave dildos in your face xx

No – we are unable to refund your tickets… as all the team, the crew and the venues are paid in advance – any profits go back into our community for fundraising Pride and other projects. The only way a refund would be possible is if you pay for a refund insurance, which you can get from insurance companies OR for example, if you buy via Skiddle, they do offer the insurance for about 1 or 2 pound extra ( per person ). If you have a refund insurance, then yes, they are 100% refundable.

If we have enough notice (at least 1 month) we can transfer your tickets to any other show, subject to availability, for a small admin fee of £25. This is not per ticket it is a one-off charge to move ALL the tickets purchased to a new date or, a new venue. There is no timescale on the transfer window so if you can’t make the date you booked, don’t worry, your money is not completely lost. To transfer to a new date please email customerservice@funnyboyz.co.uk

Linda Gold – Co-Founder

Our queens and our team work extremely hard throughout the year to ensure we deliver memorable and entertaining events to our customers. We can’t wait to welcome you down to Blundell Street – please do remember to be respectful (we all know where to draw the line!)

Drinks Food Live Music Shows Brunches Liverpool Tribute Acts Sunday Roasts Happy Hour Offers Bottomless Drinks Private Hire
Drinks Food Live Music Shows Brunches Liverpool Tribute Acts Sunday Roasts Happy Hour Offers Bottomless Drinks Private Hire